The group has come up with a winning formula that offers layered instrumental parts and four-part harmonies, equating to an expansive live sound.
— Monterey County Weekly
Valley Soul, a beloved young up-and-coming band with an abundance of talent. The band’s six members have nice harmonies and an interesting mix of instrumental layers. And dig the great energy the band dishes out!
— Monterey Herald

Valley Soul is an up-and-coming six-piece powerhouse from Monterey, California. Their entrancing four-part harmonies and intrepid instrumentals are reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and Fleetwood Mac, and also call forth modern likeness to Arcade Fire and Of Monsters And Men. After two years of cultivation and soul-searching, Valley Soul has created their niche. Nestled boldly amidst new age indie rock, old school folk, blues, and classic rock, the sextet reinvents and combines expansive avenues of sound. Four songwriters fuel the group’s extensive library of eclectic material. They debuted their self-titled EP in August 2014, and are currently recording their first full-length album.


Kevin Call // Bass Guitar
Kristen Gradwohl // Vocals
Tommy Howbert // Lead Guitar, Vocals
Adam Ingram // Piano, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Joe Scardina // Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Richard Tripps // Drums, Percussion